These are held at a central location and provide opportunities for parents and children to mix, play and learn together in a safe, secure and happy environment.
RICE staff provide a range of appropriate activities for the children. The Community Health Nurse, Early Childhood Teacher and Child & Family Worker may also attend RICE Days to offer additional services. RICE staff, parents or care-givers share supervision and care during the session. Other members of the community are welcome to attend. RICE Days provide opportunities for children to

• Play with and relate to other children and adults
• Experience being part of a group
• Become more independent and self-confident
• Learn to share and take turns • Experience and enjoy a variety of materials and activities
• Learn through watching, doing and listening RICE Days provide opportunities for adults to
• Meet other adults and make new friends
• Share skills and ideas and discuss common interests
• Understand a child through observation
• Acquire ideas for activities at home
• Gain confidence and skill in the role of parenting 

Play Sessions

These are held at the family home, generally on a one on one basis with the children and a RICE staff member.