Sneezy the Dragon is a special friend to RICE families, visiting families in their homes for up to four weeks at a time.  Sneezy is very well travelled and also attends RICE functions with Mrs Rosie. 
During his time with RICE families, they record their special time with Sneezy in his journal.

The journal of Sneezy's travels is ever growing and he shares his stories of home visits with other families so even though that may have never met in person, they learn about each other's lives this helps to form friendships.

Sneezy has already visited many of our families and attended home visits and play days with Mrs Rosie.  He has been to Oodnadatta, Mungerannie, Blinman, Glendambo, Mintabie, Yunta and visited several families in the Gawler Rangers and the Flinders Ranges.

We have found that Sneezy is not camera shy so expect to see some of his photos pop up on our website and also on our Facebook page.